Kevin Gleaton, communications coach

Kevin C. Gleaton

Kevin Gleaton’s experience across communications strategies is significant and spans multiple decades. He’s also been on the cusp of new technologies, helping to bring digital marketing and marketing automation to clients just as the tactics began nearly 18 years ago. He’s considered an early adopter of digital technologies, integrating them seamlessly with other communications strategies, such as public relations and brand marketing.

Now, Gleaton also brings his expertise to coaching others as they build their businesses. His coaching focuses on five primary areas of communications: sales, delivery, branding, marketing and automation. Gleaton believes that what got someone to ask for help and seek assistance in their marketing work is not what will get them to the next level in business management. Thus, he works with coaching clients toward identifying and attaining goals, creating new systems that work, developing innovative strategies and implementing diverse, workable tactics. Gleaton will not simply lay a foundation then disappear, but rather, coach and work hand-in-hand with businesses to lead them to increased success.

This strong businessman strives to work with others who are intelligent and empowered, driving product, vision and strategy. He loves to breathe new life into ideas and products, helping to re-energize brands and business owners. In his own life, he pursues experiences that allow him to push limitations; in coaching, Kevin Gleaton will do the same for his clients.

The Marketing Prowess of Kevin C. Gleaton is Impressive to Clients
Kevin C. Gleaton seeks specific strengths in his team