Kevin C. Gleaton seeks specific strengths in his team

Kevin C. Gleaton

Kevin C. Gleaton is an experienced marketer, specifically across digital avenues. He’s amassed 18 years of experience in digital marketing and marketing automation, plus worked in other communications realms such as brand marketing and public relations. As he continues to grow his business and clientele, he seeks like-minded individuals with specific strengths to work with in the future.

Gleaton applies adrenaline and a fearless spirit to both his personal experiences and his professional life. He is most effective working with smart people who are empowered to drive product strategy and vision. He thrives in a nimble organization that encourages others to get excited about changes and inspires them to generate new ideas — ideas that can create new products or improve existing ones. And his team must follow suit also. To his clients, he and his team bring many strengths, which include creativity, drive and imagination. Gleaton’s communications team is comprised of strong and effective communicators in both written and verbal messaging. They are strong problem solvers with analytical skills and have a proven track record of success across the internet and social media as well as social media strategy. They deeply understand the internal and external points of search engine optimization and have the ability to lead in an ever-changing technological environment. Kevin C. Gleaton and his team truly bring knowledge, management skills, tool awareness, creative services and more to the table for any client.

Kevin Gleaton, communications coach